Magical Places in Trinidad and Tobago

There are many magical places in Trinidad and Tobago, but I will share with you some of the most beautiful. Beautiful beaches, rich culture, colorful history – all these things make this island country a very special place to explore!

Parlatuvier Bay – Beautiful Beach

Parlatuvier Bay is a beautiful beach located in the Northern Range. It has been described as one of Trinidad’s most spectacular beaches, and it’s easy to see why! The views from this natural bay are absolutely stunning – especially at sunset. 

Scarborough/Caroni Bird Sanctuary – Beautiful Wildlife Experience Few places on Earth can provide you with an opportunity to glimpse some of nature’s rarest species while surrounded by such unique beauty. See Scarlet Ibis, American Flamingos and many others roaming freely amongst hundreds of native trees along gorgeous white sand coves where you can relax under swaying palms after your tour ends. A truly magical experience that shouldn’t be missed if visiting Trinidad & Tobago.

Toco Main Ridge Forest Reserve – Beautiful Nature Area The Toco Main Ridge Forest is a prime example of Trinidad’s dry tropical forests, with an amazing diversity of life forms that supports rare species such as the Red Howler monkey and many other animals. It’s also home to over 70 different bird species including hummingbirds! 

Petroglyph Park – Beautiful Historical Site Petroglyph National Monument preserves one of the largest petroglyph (rock carving) sites in the Caribbean region. There are more than 600 carvings on display dating back at least 500 years depicting people, animals, plants and geometric designs which visitors can see up close by walking along marked trails through this lush forest preserve where you will also find a set of pre-historic stone pillars called the “Babalawo”.

Manzanilla Beach – Beautiful Beach

Located at the mouth of a small river, Manzanilla Beach is one of Trinidad’s most secluded and peaceful beaches. This tranquil stretch of sand offers visitors an opportunity to truly relax as they experience true Caribbean beauty! 

Carnival – Beautiful Cultural Event Every year in February/March you can see the beautiful costumes, music and dance that makes up this amazing carnival event. Everyone comes together from all cultures and walks of life to celebrate our rich Trinidadian culture through song & dance, food & drink and extravagant costumes like no other place on Earth!

Tobago Cays National Park – Beautiful Nature Area The Tobago Cays are five tiny uninhabited islands located off the coast near Crown Point offering crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. With over 500 different species of fish, it is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations in Tobago! 

Buccoo Reef – Beautiful Underwater Experience If you are looking for a truly unique experience while visiting Trinidad & Tobago then this underwater wonderland should definitely be on your list! Situated just off the coast near Buccoo village in Tobago’s north-west coast, is an amazing natural coral reef system that teems with life. You can explore healthy corals growing across expansive sandy flats or through channels cut by shifting currents to reveal hidden walls full of colorful sponges, sea fans and other invertebrates. This beautiful place also offers many activities like hiking along its coastline, swimming, bird watching and kayaking.

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